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3418 Adams Shore Dr.
Waterford, MI 48329

Who owns the rights to artwork, site coding, and/or software?
Upon final payment of related invoices, legal ownership of all work belongs to the client.
Does living out of state pose a problem?
The internet allows our clients to be thousands of miles away and still remain an integral part of the design and approval process.
What are your payment terms?
On new clients, 1/2 down and 1/2 upon delivery on projects under $10,000 is required. Projects over $10,000 is 1/3 down, 1/3 upon delivery, and 1/3 in 30 days.
What about cost overruns?
the GRAPHICS department, inc. (GDI) provides a firm not-to-exceed quote for all projects. Cost overruns occur only after a client chooses to revise pre-approved designs. All in-process revisions are also firm quoted and no work is performed without a client's prior approval.
How can I be sure that GDI will provide what I want?
GDI stages all design and text online for client approval prior to beginning final work. This provides clients with ample opportunity for input and direction to assure satisfaction with all deliverables.
My last agency went out of business. How can I be sure you won't do the same?
First, GDI has been in continuous business since 1989. Second, all pertinent files are delivered to the client upon completion of any project for independent use.

Have other questions? Please call us! GDI will be happy to provide all the information needed in order for you to be confident in selecting our company as your marketing partner.

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